Saturday, February 23, 2008

First Post!!!!11

So everyone is making these blog things to document their experiences in Croatia for School. I feel left out.

I have been out of the loop because I couldn't make it to the Croatia meeting on Friday. I had an interview in Redmond with Microsoft. I think it went pretty well by the way.

That's not quite the reason this is here though. The reason this is here is to document my crazy adventures in Dubrovnik, Croatia (like I said) with 6 other CS majors who are very cool, and some photo majors whom I have not met, but would like to assume their coolness factor rivals that of ours. I hope at least one of them would join that facebook group I made... I still don't know what their names are.

I would also like to make some kind of a video with my shiny new camera. This way future CS generations will have an idea of what they could be getting themselves into =)

I leave next Wednesday and I am pretty psyched. The pictures so far have only increased my anticipation. Every apartment has its own terrace that over looks the water and the town. There is a bridge which myself and Ian at least are committed to budgie jumping off of, and we get to tour the islands around the town for a class. It seems less like school and more like a 3 month vacation. I am also rounding it off at the end of the trip by going to visit family in Naples, Italy and then on the island of Ischia.

Tickets have been purchased. I did mine separately through and
Both are extremely shady websites, but they worked and the price wasn't that bad all in all. $1300 for everything.

All in all. A good deal. I'm sure it will be interesting reading the same crazy antics from seven different perspectives.


Tom Cookson said...

They probably haven't joined because they have their own facebook group (provided here so you can stalk their artsy asses).

Happy to hear the croatiatravel thing worked out too.

Chris said...

Whoa, thanks man