Friday, March 7, 2008


Wow. So I am in Croatia.

I have crazy amounts of video that I have to upload. I want to upload it to youtube or something and then embed it in my posts. Dubrovnik is really a beautiful place. My camera has not been greeted with very warm feelings thought seeing as how it shows we are "Croatian N00bs". In fact, almost every shot I have includes audio of something to the effect of "Put that thing away Chris!". This statement would sound funnier if I had a child's mind, but I don't. =)

Yeah, so the flights were long. But the thing that killed me the most was the layover in Germany. Man oh man are people friendly to Americans! /sarcasm
I got too many rolled eyes to count. I met up with Tom in Frankfurt after attempting to use my backpack and coat as a makeshift pillow (doesn't work). We hung out and got on the flight to dbv. Flight was decent, and I missed my cookie. Apparently there is this crazy good cookie that they serve and I fell asleep during serving time. Now my experience will forever be scared.

We wound up walking around the first night taking in the sites and shopping for food. The bread is kick-ass. We came back to find the outlets in the wall were kind of sunk in so the freakin adapter wouldn't fit in all the way. luckily, most of us have smaller adapters and we daisy-chained to larger ones. It works. I filmed it so you'll know what I mean. Gotta put that up.

I went to bed at 9 and woke up at 2am. I was wide awake so I flipped on the TV and the Sopranos was on. Really bad quality and with Croatian subtitles, but still entertaining. Went back to bed and woke up early to meet with Zoran.

Everyone gets ready and is waiting outside for about 20 mins and Zoran pulls up, gets out of the car, walks up, puts his hands in his pockets typical Croatian fashion and says "What's the plan then?" He jested of course. We went to the school and to a coffee shop. Got some hot chocolate which is crazy creamy chocolate. It was delicious. We got bus passes in the works and got oriented. Just a small tour of the 5 story school. We went out and walked around a bit. Went into this graveyard. It was really cool. The graves had hooks on them in case you wanted to open them up I guess. The art was amazing in there. Again.... I took crazy good video.

We wound up getting pizza and in was Pizzalicious. You eat with a fork and knife. Not much of a stretch for me since I was doing that anyway. They served the forks and knives on a plate though, which I found odd.

We checked out a few other different places, all interesting and unique. The mall, more food spots, a lounge were kids ran amuck and the parent smoked cigarettes while they played. That would never happen in America. Some kid would surely be abducted.

We got back to the apartment and chilled out. We totally rigged some internet. I am very happy about that. I helped get it working with some linux firmware on my router. You see, there is this stupid thing that ISPs do in Europe and they require you get 2 year contracts. I don't know if we all want to split all that money for the internet for 3 months... but it would prolly not boil down to that much. Still, it has become a bit of a problem. For now we are amplifying some random signal through the router to the apartment.

I am happy.

I am tired too. So much done. Oh boy- need to upload that video. Later. Later. Sleep now.

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Unknown said...

Christopher! I am so happy everything worked out okay. It sounds like the food is delish and you're having a blast. Thanks for sending me this link so I can stay updated!