Monday, March 10, 2008

First day of class + Croatia Atom feed

So, Teo can draw the future. True story. Just hope that Syler, who we met at Fresh won't cut open his head and take his brains.

Here is a link to a feed for my google reader compilation of everyone's blog/flickr account about Croatia:

You can use any feed reader you wish. I recommend Google Reader
Sign up with an account and just click "Add Subscription". And paste that link. You will be able to stay on top of everyone's updates from there. =)

Back to the story... as for last night, we went out to eat at an Italian restaurant. It was pretty good. We came back to the apartment and started Geekin it up with our laptops in Ian's room, where the only place we can get internet is. That was what my cryptic post was about before.

We woke up early this morning and went down to get Croatian phones. I am in the process of setting mine up now. I get 100 kuna of minutes to start off with which is about 90 minutes of local talk. For calls to the US it's 6.22 kuna a minute. I don't have to pay for calls to me though. They don't use up the prepaid minutes. The whole thing phone and all cost me about 280 kuna (~$60). And I can recharge the minutes.

Here are everyone's different digits at the end of the number:
Anna - 20
Kara - 21
Zoran -23
Chris - 27
Tom - 28
Leah - 42
Don - 47

We hung out in Old Town for lunch. I got footage of the place today. Really good footage- more on that later. I had a prechute sandwich with a tomatoe paste and cheese. Tasted like heaven. We ate it over by the peer. It was an incredible view. Then we got this crazy good ice cream. The guy did a whole bunch of tricks with the scoops. Throwing it up in the air and such. Quite impressive. I got it on film =). We got to talking to the workers and it turns out ACMT students get a discount. 5 kuna instead of 7. Sweet. About $1 for kickass ice cream.

Then, Ian, Kayla and Ana and I went exploring by the ocean. We found some crazy stuff. We climbed up these stairs engraved in the mountain and took some awesome footage and pics from the top of these cliffs down the cavern and ocean. Obviously one of the coolest things in the world.

So we went to Zoran's presentation today. He spoke about some Croatian culture and some do's and donts of living in a European country. It is going to be a weekly kind of thing. At the end, he told us to get coffee.

This guy totally messed up our order at the coffee shop though. I'm pretty sure he did it because he knew we were American. Whatever. Next time we will go with Good Zoran.

After that, I decided to check out the class that Stacy, Kyle and Don were going to- "Social Change". I liked it so much I registered for it. As soon as I heard what it was about and that there was going to be a group presentation I was all for it. Totally excited. I am in a group with some other ACMT students so as to get out of my social norm. This is going to be really exciting.

I tried uploading my videos to youtube today from the school and they are too big. It's starting to upset me now a little actually. Ian has informed me of a different way to upload. Ill try it out.

We got back and made speghetti. I boiled a couple of eggs in the sauce. It came out freakin sweet. The bakery bread is really good. Gets stale after about a day though. We fixed it up though. Stacy saved the day by suggesting to toast the bread. We have pannini make in the apartment so we did. And it was delicious.

Ahh, so now we are down in Ian's apartment, yet again. Chillin. Many have gone to bed, tired from an exuasting day. I will join them soon.

The plan for tomorrow is to wake up early and head over to the market in old town to pick up some crazy fresh vegetables with Teo and Kyle. Head on over to the bus station at 9 to pick up bus pass. Take the bus back, put away veggies and then go head to class! Whoa. I have Programming language skills at 10-12, XML at 2-4, then environmental science from 4-6. Crazy eh?

Time to dive in.


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