Sunday, March 9, 2008

Brad's pics

Kayla's pics are like teh crazy good

Brad posted pictures:

Check um out. I was going to take stills from the footage I took on my video camera but they are not coming out well. I'll probably upload the footage tomorrow at school. Its cool. Teo is going to help me shrink down the files so they will be "youtube legal". Once that is done, we are in business.

I would like to comment about the weather here. Its very unpredictable. One minute it will be sunny and hot, next it will down pour. Hot. Cold. Rain. No Rain. Crazy, but cool.

I had the coffee here for the first time today and I have to say it was better than anything I have had in America. We went down to the harbor and checked out the boats. Very cool. We saw a fish thing that the locals call a "dick head". It was like this red gooey thing stuck on a rock. Interesting.

I think the plan is to check out a jazz club tonight and eat out at a place that doesn't serve Pizza. =) Should be good.


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