Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dustin Hoffman teaches class in Croatia

Yesterday we had crazy amounts of class.

Kyle, Teo, Kayla, Anna, and I woke up early before class to head down to the market in old town to check it out. You know, a whole bunch of people out by the docks selling fruits and vegetables. Pretty cool, but as we spoke more with the natives, it seems that the good stuff really isn’t in season yet, going to have to wait a little while longer for peppers, basil, and tomatoes. We did pick up some lemons, potatoes, and onions though. Can’t wait to try um out. Fruit of the land. Mmmmm.

Then we went over to the bus station to pick up the passes. Everyone else had theirs but when I asked about mine, the lady couldn’t find it. She got on the phone with the people “back at the main station” and the consensus was that my paperwork had been lost. She said I would have to go back later and redo the paperwork. Okay. I went back a little later and my pass had been found. Woo! So now I have a sweet Dubrovnik bus pass. It has an RFID chip in it so I figured I would be Bad Ass (BA, if you will) by leaving it in my wallet and holding it to the senor. I did, and it was.

Had class with Axel. It was pretty cool. I think it will be enjoyable. After the first class we went out to lunch with him. It was an interesting experience having a drink with my professor in between classes, not bad.

After the CS classes we had Environmental Science. Our teacher is pretty much a European version of Dustin Hoffman. No joke. I like how he could pronounce the name Kznqquzlzzilfloz just fine but had trouble with Kyle. Good attempt at “Kilay” though. So, needless to say we were pretty beat at the end of the day so I went to bed early.

Then today I didn’t have a plan. It was the first day I didn’t have a set time I wanted to wake up at. Kind of scary \actually because I felt like I didn’t want to waste a day. Well it turned out okay in the end. I wound up waking up around 11 and Kyle, Leah, Brad, Ian, and I walked over to the hills and mountains around the back of ACMT. They are pretty freakin cool. They overlook the ocean and there is this peninsula out there. There are some great views out there and we found the perfect place to swim. We all agreed that we could pack lunches every once and a while and have picnics up there between classes. =)

Kyle and I split up from the rest of the group after exploring cause we needed to get to Social Change class. So, btw, change is constant. Thought you should know.

After, I went out for coffee with some kids from the class who are in my group. They are really cool. Suzana and Andelo (pronounced Angelo) and also… I think “Zisu” was another kid’s name. When we spoke about rent, they were extremely surprised. Apparently we are getting severely ripped off. We should be paying about half of what we are paying now. Suzana even called up her landlord and asked about open apartments and gave us an awesome quote for a place there. So they said they would be more than happy to show us around the place. The other people and I have been trying to get in contact with the people in charge to see if some kind of negotiation of lower price could take place because promises are not being kept. =P I’ll see what happens.

Anyway… chillin now. Didn’t want to party tonight because we have class in the morning. We will party tomorrow night =). Andelo and Suzana said they would show us all the hot spots the locals go to. So we are all looking forward to it.

Until next time,

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Unknown said...

aw honey! things seem to be going wonderful!! haha drinking the with teacher eh? only you!! hope you're doing well love