Saturday, March 15, 2008

Women, Walls, Laundry and Video

Thursday… some crazy stuff went down. First off, Kyle and I woke up early to do work. Now take a moment to look over the previous sentence. There are several interesting words like, “early”… “work”… “woke”… “I”. The internet in our apartment is kind of loopy and not very reliable, so we figured we would head over to ACMT early and take a look at some of the notes for class. Despite our plan being riddled with quirks, it managed to pan out.

After a while we met up with the rest of the gang and did class things. During class, the door opened and a women in a black suit walked in and interrupted Axel mid-sentence and asked to speak with him outside about “the situation”.


Turns out it was just about the housing situation. So after class some ACMT people came in and said that they were also not happy that we weren’t getting what we were promised from the housing “agreement”. No one signs any contracts in this place… Anyway, they talked to the landlord and he has agreed that the cleaning lady will do the laundry starting Monday I think. They put a bed in Ian’s living room so he could graduate from a couch. And ACMT is buying us towels because the landlord says there is a severe lack of them even though Kyle and I found the treasure trove of about a hundred of them downstairs. We will see what happens.

Kyle and I went to he grocery store later that day with the intention of buy cold cuts. Now this is scary for several reasons. One being, everything is written in Croatian and I didn’t know what any of it meant, and the other being I knew it had to be ordered via the metric system. Neither of us knew how much to get. The lady behind the counter was helpful enough though and I managed to guestimate. She asked how much I wanted, so I asked how much people usually get. She laughed and said she didn’t know, how much did I want. This continued for a little while before I finally settled on a quarter of a kilo (250g) of smoked ham. A good portion. I was proud.

After that little adventure, we headed over to Fresh (the bar) for a special event. It was mad cool. We hung out with some Croatian people and had some pretty insightful conversations. Girls are hot.

It was an interesting night. Some guys found girls, some girls found guys, some girls found girls.

We headed over to a dance club called Fuego afterward but no one was there. The party supposedly starts up around 1:30am. I was mad tired though, so Stacy, Brad, and I headed out so we could catch the bus. We hung around for it for a little while and when I finally came by, we stood up and it flew by.

We started walking and were about half way home when Ian calls me up from the apartment asking where we were. They left after us and were able to catch a bus. Nuts.

So the morning after, I wasn’t planning on going out with the photo kids to check out the wall at 9. Kyle woke up at 8:30 and asked me if I was going. I debated for a few seconds and then rolled out of bed in my shirt and underwear and stated that I was ready to go.

After putting pants on, I finally was, and we booked it to the bus stop. We were running crazy late, but that was Okay because so was evil Zroan. (just as an aside, ACMT Zoran is “evil” and RIT Zoran is “good”. This has nothing to do with them. It’s just something we say to tell them apart when speaking about them).

We all finally got together and we were ready to embark on the journey. Now, the “wall” is the big stone wall 1.5 miles around the top of the old city. You know how in the old days they had the draw bridge into the city and they had walls. Yeah, this was one of those. It was an amazing view everywhere we went. View points everywhere. We crawled into little spaces, above everything. We looked down upon places we had admired from ground level and found new appreciation for how awesome they were. It was a crystal clear blue sky day and it was perfect. And I didn’t have my camera. =P I had forgotten to charge it the night before and I was a little upset. It did give me chance to take everything in though. It took us about three hours or so to get all the way around because we kept stopping and admiring. Evil Zroan gave this awesome speech about the history of the city and I wish I had recorded it because it was really interesting. But some of the highlights included the name of the main street in the ciry “Stradium”. Some Italian dude came over and was used to the narrow streets of Venice and called the main street in Dubrovnik “big and ugly street”, and the name stuck. I thought that was great.

After the wall excursion, Kayla, Anna, Lori, Kara, and I went to get some food and free ice cream. Awesome and awesomer.

Later, we all went over to the beach and chilled. The sun was setting and it was really cool. There was no sand, there was small rocks and large rocks. I skipped a few on the water. I was happy. Sandals didn’t work too well, perhaps rockals next time.

By the way, there is this driving course next to our apartment, auto camp solitudo. It is a park with stop signs. It’s really funny, and awesome.

As soon as I got back, Ian, Kyle, Tom were like, “We’re doing laundry at Axel’s now!”, so I’m like “Okay!”. I grabbed some clothes and threw them in my bag and we went to Axel’s. Carol, his wife, kept feeding us food, and it was delicious. The dogs are awesome too, they think they are tough stuff, but they are really just little fur balls.

When we returned, we scoped out the awesome clothesline hack that brad put together to dry clothes. I filmed it. Okay, so this clothesline is made from ethernet cable, coaxial cable from the TV, a laptop lock, and a belt. MacGyver would be proud.

So now we are all in Kayla and Anna’s room checking out drawing with Teo. Some damn cool stuff! It’s neat seeing someone work who is artistically inclined.

People Phrases - week1:
Teo: Makes minds bleed from drawing and musix at the same time
Kyle: Throws things
Tom: O_o Where is my Coffee!?
Brad: MacGyver Jr.
Kayla: Ice cream tycoon
Leah: Variable who’s value can be changed but not accessed directly =O
Lori: Crazy sneaky pictures
Anna: Yonder! Into the sunset.
Don: Did I just teleport?
Kara: Skipping rocks like its nobody’s business
Ian: Isn’t allowed to flirt anymore
Stacy: Laughaholic
Good Zoran: Coffee should be seen, not drank

I have some video uploaded to youtube. It wouldn’t take all of it though. I’m going to have to cut some of them down. Here are some of them to keep you entertained. I will probably sprinkle them back throughout the previous posts, but for now, they will remain here.

Some introductions

Hills behind ACMT

School, day 1

The docks

Random fun with the camera 1
Kyle eats human flesh!

The stop in Germany. Check out the Royal with Cheese!

View from balcony and such
WARNING: Long and boring!

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