Monday, March 17, 2008

Matterror on the horrizon

So Ian’s website has content on it now, so a link has been updated. A link to Lori’s flickr account has also been put up. Nawce pics. All of this has been added to the feed too of course. I also added a link to my youtube account for the videos. I have uploaded a bunch more if you want to check them out =). I’ll link them each at the bottom of the post.

So, Saturday was our welcoming party at the Living Room. That’s a club. They set it up to look like a living room. Sort of. It was pretty cool. There were these kids who rapped. I wasn’t sure if I couldn’t understand them because of their accent or because it was just the style, but whatever. Chilled with some native girls and chatted about school and such. I had a pretty good time.

Yesterday was such a lazy day. We all mozed around and I tried perfecting some magic tricks. We played Bull Shit. And it was fun messing up Kyle’s plans for card domination.

In the future, I am going to have to have plans for days like this. If not, I feel like I’m just wasting a day. And then when it comes time to blog about it, I get sad =(. No worries though. Everyone needs a break now and again.

So I missed out on the market a few days ago. Turns out there is this better one over by the docks. They have peppers and tomatoes and better stuff than the other market that I went to had. More food from the locals. I must go there.

As for today, Kyle and I awoke to find the cleaning lady making her rounds not on schedule. This was a pleasant surprise because we thought our laundry would be getting done too. Though the apartment was cleaned when we got back, no such laundry luck has been found by anyone. =( We contacted Zoran about the situation and he is looking into it.

After an epic Croatian history lesson this morning, Kyle, Stacy, Tom, and I heading over to a “fast food” place over in old town for lunch. I got a sandwich with peppers and cheese and pickles and mustard and omg heaven topping. It was decent… just kidding, it was awesome. We all ate it over behind the cliffs of ACMT. Wonderful view. We need to get out on that peninsula soon before I grow insane with anticipation.

We are going to discuss future outings with the whole group tomorrow. Some of the options include: the top of the big mountain and this town called “stone”, where they are having this festival were they line the streets with sawdust and then set it on fire, “back to the future style”, or so I would imagine. Sounds sweet. Also on the list is visiting the bridge that we can see from the apartment. Supposedly you can bungee jump off of it =D. Can’t wait.

Tonight, Kyle and I achieved greatness in the kitchen with the birth of a cooking masterpiece we call, “The Matrerror”. It includes fried potatoes with onions and mixed vegetables and peppers in one giant mass of scrambled eggs. It was basically, potatoes and eggs on crack. All we needed was ketchup. That aside, it was so good that more than three bites would put you in a comma. In the future, it will need warning labels because people will be passing out from awesomeness poisoning left and right. Yeah. Ian took pictures. You should bug him to put them up. I will link.

All in all, it has been looking good for Dubrovnik so far. Our presence has yet to make a significant impact on the social and economic status of the city as a whole, but things look promising.


P.S. Watch some videos

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P.S.S. I miss everyone at home and at school. I love ya guys.

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Lori Duprey said...

Chris... i love your commentary, its a better diary than i could ever keep. thanks for this, i hope it remains on the interwebs forever!